Center for Hydrogeology and Geothermal Energy (CHYN)

When the Center for Hydrogeology and Geothermal Energy (CHYN) was founded in 1965, it focused on karst research. Today, the CHYN is one of the world's leading institutions in almost all areas of modern hydrogeology and geothermal energy. The CHYN fulfills important societal missions: improving knowledge of renewable groundwater and energy resources, developing strategies for their sustainable management, and imparting knowledge through specialized educational programs. To achieve its goals, the CHYN works closely with partner universities and research centers such as Eawag or the University of Laval, important international organizations such as the ICRC and the UN, and public agencies such as the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

In addition to the advisory board and management team, the CHYN is linked to the observatories, joint research projects and scientific exchanges as well as the PhD School Water Earth Systems.  CH-GNet exchanges with the respective research departments and benefits from the know-how and professional support of the CHYN.

Letzte Ă„nderung: 04.12.2023