Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is Switzerland's environmental agency. Among other things, it is the federal government's specialist agency for national groundwater monitoring (quantity and quality) and for national hydrogeological syntheses. The FOEN is responsible for the National Groundwater Monitoring (NAQUA), the nationwide monitoring of groundwater quality and quantity and of isotopes in the hydrological cycle. The monitoring network of the National Groundwater Monitoring consists of the four modules QUANT, SPEZ, TREND and ISOT. The QUANT module records groundwater quantity, while the SPEZ and TREND modules record groundwater quality. The ISOT module monitors stable water isotopes in precipitation and in flowing waters.

In addition to the advisory board, the connection to the FOEN takes place through bilateral exchange, e.g. in connection with the observatories. In particular, the network is in close exchange with the following section of the FOEN, which is also responsible for internal FOEN coordination: Hydrology Division - Hydrogeological Basis Section.

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