CH-GNet is continuously working on bundling groundwater-relevant solutions and measures based on basic and practice-oriented research and increasing their visibility, as well as making the exchange between a wide range of stakeholders even more efficient. This consists on the one hand in i) continuous work within a pillar model consisting of observatories, research, teaching, and on the other hand in ii) a thought leadership, identifying current but also possible future relevant topics.

CH-GNet shall take on this thought leadership role in close cooperation with the steering committee and management teams and contribute to continuous competence building, expert guidance and smooth Switzerland-wide exchange through organized workshops and development of documents. This work will proceed on a purely technical level. In addition, CH-GNet can assist in the development of voluntary solutions. A major advantage of CH-GNet is that the network is flexible and can react quickly to new topics.

Letzte Ă„nderung: 20.11.2023