R & Python

Raoul Collenteur from the University of Graz provides a list of open source Python projects for hydrogeological applications. This list includes tools and applications for the following topics:

  • Hydrological models
  • Meteorological tools
  • Unsaturated zone
  • Groundwater
  • Time series (analysis)
  • GIS related
  • Optimization, uncertainty, statistics
  • Data collection
  • Miscellaneous

 Access to the page

A interesting overview of R packages in hydro(geo)logy can be found at CRAN Hydrological Data and Modeling.

Also, the application and existing useful R tools in hydrology are outlined in several review articles:

These articles provide an overview of a typical hydrologic workflow based on reproducible principles and packages for hydrometeorological data retrieval, spatial analysis, hydrologic modeling, statistics, and the design of static and dynamic visualizations and documents.

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