Groundwater Assessment Platform (GAP)

Groundwater quality information management system on geogenic contaminants.

The Groundwater Assessment Platform (GAP) is an SDC-supported project to develop a GIS-based online data and information portal for groundwater-related issues, with a particular focus on the geogenic contaminants arsenic and fluoride. These naturally occurring groundwater contaminants affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide with mild to severe health problems. provides global risk maps of arsenic and fluoride pollution and allows users to upload and map their data and create their own groundwater quality models. The GAP wiki allows users to share documents and discuss relevant issues in an open setting. GAP follows on from the Water Resource Quality (WRQ) project, which addressed mitigation of geogenic groundwater contamination and published the Geogenic Contamination Handbook.

Letzte Ă„nderung: 13.01.2022